How Well Do You Really Know Cloud-Based CAD?

Test your knowledge of cloud-based CAD and learn your spirit cloud!
Finish the quiz, and you’ll be rewarded with a model of your cloud that you can 3D print (or mill on a CNC, if you fancy). Fail to finish and… well, there won’t be any consequences but we’d love it if you did. We’ll even throw in a personalized surprise at the end.

When working, do you prefer to:

When you collaborate with others, you:

Which method of communication and/or collaboration do you think is the safest in terms of IP security?

When you hear the words “Cloud-based CAD” you immediately think of:

The primary benefit of using product development software that’s hosted in the cloud is:

By using a cloud-based platform for product development, you will no longer need expensive workstations. Instead, you would like this capital expense to be allocated towards:

I would use Cloud-Based CAD if it ...

See Your Name in the Clouds!